2006 QR Top 100 Products


In every August issue we gather the highest lead-generating products covered in QR over the past year and compile them into one list for you. It’s that time of year again. Time to announce the 2006 Remodelers’ Choice: Top 100 Products.

Homeowners are becoming more and more educated about the products installed in their homes. With this list of products you, as a remodeler, can be on top of your game as the expert they turn to.

With energy prices soaring, the biggest trend being seen based on inquiries is in terms of energy efficiency. Homeowners are looking for ways to save long-term money while still increasing the value of their homes.

This trend can be seen clearly within the top seven products on our Top 100 Products list where solar (read Solar’s Bright Future on pg. 44 in the March 06 issue of QR) is the dominate category. Supporting this trend of energy-efficient products are tankless water heaters and radiant heating systems which have also ranked high on this year’s list. |

1 Sharp Electronics

Sharp Solar’s new triangular photovoltaic modules offer increasing design flexibility. Engineered specifically for hip roofs and complex roof lines, these black anodized aluminum frames, trim strips and backing sheets blend into the home’s exterior. These modules are also designed to withstand extreme heat and wind. Invertors, monitors and additonal panels can be added for a complete system. Circle 1

2 EnergyLux Solar Modules

BP Solar’s new all black BP EnergyLux solar modules match performance with aesthetics, offering the energy savings that solar provides in a way that complements a home’s roof. BP EnergyLux modules are now available as part of a BP Solar Home Solution. BP Solar also offers its traditional line of deep blue residential solar modules through BP Solar distributors and dealers nationwide. Circle 2

3 GE Energy

GE Energy’s roof integrated tile systems blend seamlessly with the roofline, providing a unique combination of functionality, attractiveness and increased property value to homeowners. GE’s current range of solar energy products includes solar cells, modules and prepackaged systems. The modules range from 35 to 165 watts, while system designs can range from hundreds of watts to megawatts and can be used in either on-grid or off-grid applications. Circle 3

4 SolarPower SPR-215-BLK

The SunPower SPR-215-BLK is designed specifically for on-grid residential systems where a combination of high module efficiency and outstanding appearance is desirable. Utilizing 72 series-connected A-300 solar cells, the SPR-215-BLK delivers industry-leading power density in a unique all-black module package with exceptionally uniform appearance. Circle 4

5 d.Blue Technology

Kyocera Solar introduces a photovoltaic (PV) module featuring an energy conversion efficiency using d.Blue technology, a Kyocera-developed cell-processing method. Named in reference to its 187-watt maximum power output, the new KC187G is the most efficient photovoltaic module Kyocera has. The newly developed d.Blue manufacturing process incorporated in the KC187G creates a microscopic texture on the cell’s multicrystalline silicon surface, reducing reflectance and maximizing the amount of sunlight the cell can absorb. Circle 5

6 Evergreen Solar

Spruce Line Photovoltaic Modules from Evergreen Solar are rated up to 190W and efficiency of 12.7 percent. Using Evergreen Solar’s String Ribbon technology, these modules are constructed in an alumninum frame with double-wall construction on all four sides and no protruding screws offering greater mounting flexibility. Circle 6

7 Sunmodule

The Sunmodule SW 165/175 mono/P by SolarWorld offers monocrystalline 5-in. cells behind a hardened glass glazing and are embedded in transparent EVA. This module has a maximum system voltage of 600 volt and is sealed with a very high-quality Tedlar film. Circle 7

8 Bookcase Door

The Bookcase Design Niche Door from The Hidden Door Company contains two lower usable doors with applied moldings on a flat-panel door and four shelves (two in upper cabinet and two behind doors). Doors can be built in varying shapes and sizes with a multitude of wood species, features and upgrades. Circle 8

9 T-H1 Tankless Water Heater

Takagi introduces the T-H1, efficiency tankless water heater. This product utilizes a preheating system and built-in neutralizer system producing 10.2 gpm. Applications for this unit include domestic water heating, space heating, radiant floor heating, in-direct heating, recirculation and combination heating systems. Circle 9


LED-FLEX lighting from Mule Lighting, Inc. is a LED substitute for neon. It can be used just about anywhere including wet locations and extreme temperatures. LED-FLEX uses low energy, has a long life and is offered in bright hues of red, yellow, green and blue and is available in 30- and 150-ft. lengths. Circle 10

11 Classic Cherry Design

This classic cherry design by The Hidden Door Company features an upper cabinet with a curved header and a brass light. The cabinet has a mirror niche wall with a bevel, and the lower cabinet has a curved door with miter veneer detail and a shelf behind the door. Circle 11

12 TempZone Radiant Heating

The TempZone Radiant Floor Heating System from Warmly Yours is an electric floor heating system that can heat tiles in bathroom or kitchen. The TempZone is made of a heating wire secured in a fiberglass net and generates 51 Btu/hour/sq.ft. (equivalent to 15 watt/sq.ft.). Usually installed as a source of supplemental heat, the TempZone can be designed and used as a primary source of heat. Circle 12

13 Radiant Subfloor

Warmboard’s radiant subfloor is a heating system that uses hot water circulating through tubing installed on plywood tongue-and-groove floor panels. This system then radiates heat through the aluminum top layer into living spaces. Warmboard uses lower water temperatures than other radiant systems and can be covered by any flooring including hardwood, tile or carpeting. Circle 13

14 SubRay Hydronic Radiant System

The SubRay Modular Hydronic Radiant Floor System from Watts Radiant can be used over frame or slab floors. These heating system modules can be installed as a whole-house system or used to heat a basement or room addition. The SubRay comes in 5/8- and 3/4-in. thicknesses and sleepers are 6 in. wide with a 2 1/8-in. space between panels when installed. Circle 14

15 Marathon Water Heater

The Rheem Marathon Water Heater is made of a polyurethane-based resin system that makes the tank rust- and corrosion-proof. The water heater features a seamless, blow-molded polybutene storage tank wound in fiberglass filament and encased in a molded polyethylene outer shell. The Marathon Water Heater is available in sizes ranging from 15 to 105 gal. Circle 15

16 AquaStar

The Bosch AquaStar tankless water heater provides endless hot water, saves energy and saves space in homes. The 125 Series can supply one major hot water outlet at a time while the 250SX yields enough power to supply two showers simultaneously. Circle 16

17 Tankless Gas Water Heater

Noritz introduces a new tankless gas water heater to its line, the N-084M-DV. The N-084M-DV is a direct vent (sealed combustion) unit capable of providing up to 8.4 gpm. This unit can deliver up to 236,000 Btu and reach a temperature of 180 degrees F. The Noritz Direct Vent unit also includes the capability of Noritz’s Quick-Connect configuration. The unit comes with a digital remote controller and cord, exhaust adapter, mounting bracket and anchoring screws. Circle 17

18 ComfortTile Heating System

Warmzone’s ComfortTile Heating System is an electric cable system with in-floor thermostat sensor and can be custom fit into any room. Cables are 1/16 in. in diameter and are installed into the thinset and contain a stainless steel braid covering. ComfortTile can be used under tile, marble and slate flooring. Circle 18

19 Tankless Hot Water System

The Paloma Tankless Hot Water System with electronic digital controllers lets you set and change water temperature from different locations in your home. All Digital Tankless models come with one detachable remote controller, and you can add up to three. Use a Bath Controller to lower shower and bath temperatures to just the right point, and protect against scalding. Put the Main Controller in your kitchen or laundry room, and use it to set just the right temperature. All Digital Tankless models also display troubleshooting diagnostic codes. Circle 19

20 Flologic

The FloLogic Valve System 3.0 Complete is a full-port valve made of bronze construction. From a single installation point on your main water line, the FloLogic System continuously monitors all water flows, detects leaks, shuts off the water, and sounds an alarm. The FloLogic Valve System is compatible with copper, polybutylene, CPVC, PEX and other domestic water pipe systems. Circle 20