Shower Solutions: Curving the Bar

With so many homeowners looking at glass doors and enclosures for their bathrooms, it may be hard to believe that anyone would look at a shower rod for a solution. Shower curtains have known problems of allowing water to splash out on the floor and attacking the person using the shower, but one company thinks they may have the answer.

With our April issue of Qualified Remodeler, we brought you the Crescent Rod from Shower Solutions, Inc. Made of stainless steel, the curvature innovation behind the Crescent Rod’s design opens up the space above the tub and creates a much different experience from traditional shower rods.

Started in the mid-’90s, Shower Solutions began with the Crescent Rod, and today have branched out to include other suite accessories like grab bars, elbow extensions and easy mounting plates for their shower rods.

The Crescent Rod started with an oval bathtub being installed in a home. The discovery that a straight shower rod cut off much of the usable space, the bar was curved to match the shape of the tub. This gave extra space for showering, avoided elbow cling and brought the shower curtain in more, avoiding water spill.

Shower Solutions will be expanding its line of shower rods to include a new tools-free installation version coming this fall.

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Comparative Companies

  • The Cellini Shower Enlarger Rod from Barclay Products Limited bends out, away from the tub while maintaining the original contact points.
  • Myson, Inc. carries several curtain rail solutions including U-shaped, L-shaped and circular rods.