Truck Accessories

1. Valley Industries has introduced a new round bar weight distributing hitch for towing heavy-duty loads. This hitch is rated for up to 1,700 lbs. tongue weight and 15,000 lbs. gross trailer weight. Featuring all-steel construction, Valley’s new weight distributing hitch fits 2 1/2-in. receivers and allows for 8 in. of total height adjustment. Valley Industries.

2. Knaack Manufacturing Company is introducing its new Weather Guard Low-Profile Aluminum Truck Boxes that provide more visibility through the rear window, especially for newer pickup truck designs that feature higher bedrails. Designed to fit most full and compact pickups, the low-profile saddle boxes suspend across the side rails of a pickup truck, allowing plenty of room underneath. The low-profile truck boxes come in a choice of full size and compact, and either Clear or Black Armor-Tuf powder-coat finish. Knaack Manufacturing.

3. Pace Edwards’ Full-Metal JackRabbit is a retractable truck bed cover. With this cover you get the strength of a full metal, interlocked, powder-coated aluminum panel deck in a cover packed with features. Its weather-sealed, low-profile Latch-n-Lok handle system allows the cover to be latched every 12 in. Its flush-mounted top cover design also provides a sleek low-profile look that enhances the appearance of your truck. Pace Edwards.

4. The Gorilla Slide 2000-XT truck cargo tray from Highway Products is a heavy-duty, all-aluminum slide-out tray that is rated to handle up to 2,000 lbs. evenly distributed. The Gorilla Slide 2000-XT features the Tee-Bone track system and secure positioning with the dual Stab Lock locking mechanism with six locking points. Highway Products, Inc.

5. The DiamondBack Truck Cover is a patented cover constructed from aluminum alloy that is a full 1/8 in. thick. The tough load-bearing surface is capable of sustaining up to 1,600 lbs. on top of the cover, or up to the load limit of the vehicle. DiamondBack.

6. The T-Rax Hauling System is designed to provide a variety of functions, and perform the work of multiple conventional rack systems typically used. Constructed from 12-gauge steel, and using a patented pin system, the T-Rax will configure as a ladder rack, workbench, truck bed extender, wire/cable caddy, dual-level hauling system, scaffolding or load stablizer. T-Rax.