Finishing Touch: Soaking Sanctuary

WaterDance Baths moves away from mainstream bathtubs and air-jet tubs as it combines art and functionality in the bathroom with its introduction of the Soaking Art tub. This free-standing tub presents old-time charm with a modern touch.

Different from most tubs one might imagine for the bathroom, this tub is made of translucent acrylic that is almost a half-inch thick, supported by ¾-in. plate steel that makes the tub free of any weight limit. “Once we found the translucent material, we developed the tub around it,” says Dean Morgan, operations manager, WaterDance Baths. “We wanted to develop a high-end art-type bathtub.”

Depending on the type of application, a free-standing or wall-mounted faucet will complete the plumbing to the tub. “There is no need for special engineering for this tub,” Morgan adds. “It’s the same as any other tub except its depth. Its measurements are 72 in. long by 42 in. wide and 22½ in. deep.”

This tub fits well in new construction or serious remodel applications considering its strong design, Morgan adds. “Architects are changing plans to work around the tub because they like the look so much. We are located in the mountains of Colorado, and the design of this tub fits well in the custom homes that are being built with the mountainous backdrop.”

WaterDance Baths introduced the Soaking Art tub at the 2005 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. “It was extremely well received. We had a crowd around our booth during the whole show,” Morgan says.

Currently the Soaking Art tub is offered with two versions of sculptured metal artwork: ponderosa and wine country. “The metal on the ponderosa is made to resemble tree bark or a tree trunk with branches that go out to pine needles and pine cones,” Morgan says. “The metal on the wine country option is designed to resemble grape vines that wrap around the tub with grape leaves and groups of grapes.”

Since its introduction in May 2005, the tub continues to grow in demand. Because of its popularity, WaterDance Baths plans to expand its current versions and eventually offer a sea- or ocean-themed tub. Three color versions are currently available: azure blue, mint green and violet. Other colors will be available in the future.

WaterDance Baths works closely with design/builders to assist with installation. “We work with them to explain how the tub will fit in its place, and the plumbing that’s required,” Morgan says.

Design/builders can buy the Soaking Art tub through distributors found throughout the United States. For more information on WaterDance Baths visit