KBDN to Continue Business Education Alliance With SEN Throughout 2007

Hackensack, NJ — Kitchen & Bath Design News and the SEN Design Group will continue in 2007 with an educational initiative aimed at sharpening the business management, financial and merchandising skills of kitchen and bath dealers.

Renewal of the alliance, formed a year ago and exclusive to the kitchen and bath trade, was announced this month by KBDN publisher Eliot Sefrin and Ken Peterson, CKD, president of the Chapel Hill, NC-based SEN Design Group.

As in 2006, the focus of the 2007 educational initiative will be a series of three all-day seminars, entitled “Managing for Maximum Profit.” The seminars, well received in their debut this year, provide kitchen/bath dealers and related professionals with management strategies and business tools they can implement to improve their company’s financial performance.

“The encouraging response we’ve received to this program so far underlines the pressing need in the kitchen and bath industry for in-depth business management education of this type,” said Sefrin. “We’re pleased that we’ll be working again with SEN in helping kitchen and bath dealers master ways to increase their company’s profits and their own personal income.”

“As many markets around the country are now reporting softer sales, the announcement that the KBDN-SEN business management seminar partnership will continue in 2007 couldn’t be more timely,” observed Peterson. “Dealers who have the foresight to attend this program will not only gain a major competitive edge over the competition, they will immediately be better equipped to steer their operations to greater profitability.

“Furthermore, the benefits will ripple out to other segments of the industry,” Peterson added. “Dealers with enhanced cash flow, better management skills and a healthy balance sheet will mean accelerated payments to vendors, fewer commission delays to reps and a stronger dealer network with fewer account losses to bankruptcy in times of recession.”

“Managing for Maximum Profit” will be offered in March in the Chicago metropolitan area; in June, in the Boston area, and in November, in the Atlanta marea. Specific dates and locations will be announced in the near future.

The sessions will be led by Peterson and Tom Blau, v.p./education for SEN. Topics will include factors in maximizing business owner income and profit; management tools that preserve pre-planned gross margins; ways to create accurate and reliable financial statements, guaranteeing an appropriate return on investment, and more.

Each seminar will include a two-hour, post-event reception at the showroom of a leading dealer.

Two of the SEN/KBDN programs have been presented so far this year. The third program in the 2006 three-city series is scheduled for Nov. 3 in San Francisco.

Information can be obtained by contacting the SEN Design Group, at (800) 991-1711, or by visiting www.senseminars.com.