New Products Showcase

ProClosets’ Custom Storage Systems supplies and designs materials for custom closets, pantries, laundry rooms and garages. The professional-grade closet systems are offered in thousands of design options and a huge selection of components that can be shipped out in 24 hours.


Ally Bathing Equipment introduces three shower enclosure lines: the Enlightenment Collection, The Serenity Suite and The Meditation Series. The design of these showers includes curved glass to emphasize and create a sense of space.


Silver Line introduces the SafeGuard impact-resistant window featuring DuPont Sentry laminated glass. It offers a series of steel and aluminum reinforcements, as well as other specially designed components to add strength. The windows also reduce sound transmission and ultraviolet rays.


Melton Classics’ new Architectural Urethane cornice line is comprised of numerous moulding profiles in pre-primed 12-in. sections. It is designed to reduce installation labor, caulking and painting costs.


The Leaf Defier Gutter Protection System is specially shaped and cut to fit snugly into the gutter. Leaves and debris slide off the surface or just dry up and blow away. Gutters remain clean and clear of clogs. Its lightweight and flexible design allows for easy installation.


Sto Corp. introduces EmeraldCoat, a waterproofing/air barrier system. It is a ready-mixed, flexible waterproofing material that is specially formulated for use under Portland cement stucco and other claddings. It is applied directly to wall sheathing and functions as a vertical, above-ground waterproofing/air barrier when combined with Sto Gold Fill and Sto Guard Mesh.


Elica Group introduces its Jetair range hoods to the U.S. market. Designed and manufactured in Italy, these hoods comply with all U.S. standards, and are designed with quality and performance suitable for all residential kitchens.


Beveled Glass Works inlaid art glass is designed to offer genuine stained and beveled glass, the strength of tempered glass and a safety glass standard in the same panel. Inlaying pieces of true stained glass or bevels are combined with a structural substrate. Substrates are available in tempered, heat-strengthened and float glass with thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 12mm.


BuffaloStone’s Stone Planking is natural stone quarried from locations throughout the world and cut to dimensions of 6 in. wide by 1 to 4 ft. in length. Current stone offerings include granites, slates, marbles, sandstones, limestones and quartzite. The stone is ideal for vertical installations of walls, fireplaces, walk-in showers and pillars.


Exhausto’s FanCalc 2005 is a vent-sizing program designed to simplify the process of selecting vent materials and mechanical venting equipment for heating appliances. New layouts can be designed in minutes and automatically checked for common design flaws and code violations. The program utilizes a comprehensive appliance database with more than 2,500 of the most popular boilers and water heaters sold in the United States and Canada.


Thermal Industries introduces the DreamRail EX System, a maintenance-free vinyl railing system with quick and easy installation. The product’s escutcheons maintain its superior strength and durability through die-cast zinc construction that prevents cracking or distorting. It is available in white or earthtone colors.


Grotto Cellars offers the customization of small closets, large rooms, cellar racks, doors, glass or cooling units for any size room or environment. The small closets can contain 100 bottles, whereas the large rooms can contain 20,000 bottles.