Finishing Touch: Making Curves

Imagine transforming square doorways and hallway openings into archways without the headaches and time traditionally associated with creating arches. CurveMakers, based in Raleigh, N.C., makes this possible with its premanufactured arch kits that allow design/builders the ability to create architecturally pleasing archways in just one weekend.

Each kit includes two columns and an arched header that is fully assembled, and a finished jamb and casing assembly that can be installed quickly and easily.

“It takes the guesswork out of creating arches,” says Martin Thomas, marketing manager, CurveMakers. “There is no special framing needed and it can be used for both new construction and remodeling.”

CurveMakers offers 14 standard models in different widths and architectural designs. A sampling of available kits includes the new E-Z Arch, Continuous Molding Elliptical, Continuous Molding Round Top and Continuous Molding Segmented. Kit parts are made of either medium-density fiberboard or poplar wood.

Arch styles are not limited to standard models, as CurveMakers also offers customizable options. “If there is something that builders or architects need or like, we can customize (the kits) to what they want,” Thomas adds. “We had a job in Charleston where the homeowner wanted arches in a room that was completely round and we made it work. We work with builders to give them what they want.”

Originally a cabinet maker, John Thomas, founder of CurveMakers, saw the potential for curved openings. “John wanted (a product) that anyone with the basic knowledge for case openings could install,” Martin Thomas says. “The only way to do arches at the time was very time-consuming, and he wanted to create something that could be installed in minutes.”

The only requirement for installation is a basic knowledge of cased openings. CurveMakers supplies complete casing specifications in its catalog, including how much room and detail is required for proper installation.

Premanufactured arch kits are available directly through CurveMakers. For more information, circle 54 or visit – Maureen Alley