CEDIA is Primed for Technology Boom

Do you believe the home technology market represents a large opportunity for growth within the home building industry, or in the custom home market in particular? Why?

The home technology market, although increasingly visible and growing, has only achieved a fraction of its potential. The quest of the consumer or end user for security, convenience, simplicity and content is insatiable.

Many home builders benefit from partnerships with a home technology designer/installer. How can a home builder benefit from partnering with a member of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association?

There are two compelling reasons for a home builder to consider partnering with a CEDIA member. The home builder who carefully chooses a CEDIA member through the proper channels will find that he has aligned with a company that has more education and certification on all of the related skills that are required to execute home technology at every level.

Generally speaking, CEDIA member companies take their businesses and reputations very seriously. The other reason is that a partnership with a CEDIA member should be more profitable for all parties if mutual best business practices are implemented. The end user will have a more enjoyable result working with an aligned, unified team.

What technical skills and business savvy does a CEDIA member bring to a home builder's or architect's business? What burden(s) can a CEDIA member take off the shoulders of a home builder?

CEDIA members, who have invested in education and certification for their staff, bring a more process-based experience to the residential project. Qualified CEDIA members understand and implement all elements of the custom installation process. This allows the builder/architect to understand and count on an aligned partnership with a company that understands the needs and methods to achieve the desired end result.

An experienced CEDIA member has extensive experience in working with all of the trade partners (i.e. electrical, mechanical, HVAC, lighting design, millwork, interior design, etc.). This creates a team approach and causes the project to be substantially easier and smoother.

Where are the greatest opportunities in the home technology market for home builders and designers?

Home builders can add to their bottom line by offering the products and services provided by a CEDIA member. Not only does this offer additional revenue channels, but it provides the builder with ongoing knowledge to create a value-add to his services provided to the end user.

What are the hottest home technology products or systems today? What is a homeowner's most wanted technology?

There are many hot home technologies available today. Some of the more popular products are flat-panel video displays, home theater areas, high-definition television, integrated control systems for all low-voltage functions, media content servers and myriad of other technologies.

What's the most essential/basic home technology element a homeowner should include in his home?

A savvy homeowner will demand that the home be outfitted with some level of structured wiring. This allows for technology integration and for the addition of other technologies in the future.

How can home builders educate and convince their clients that they will benefit from installing structured wiring in their home? What strategies can they use, including partnering with an electronics integrator?

By partnering with a CEDIA member and qualifying what information is needed to educate the end user, a builder can accrue the materials and develop a strategy to deliver the home technology message and opportunity to the homeowner.

Where is the future of home technology headed? What technologies and developments should home builders and architects be aware of?

The future of home technology will continue to evolve. Certainly the cost of some technologies will diminish as adaptation becomes more widespread and the mass market is satisfied. Some of the more popular technologies are lighting control systems, motorized window treatments, high-definition television and the integrated control of all systems.

What is CEDIA's mission? What is its purpose?

CEDIA's mission, simply put, is to serve its membership with the highest quality of education, certification and opportunities to promote their global growth through excellence, thus providing a positive technology experience for the homeowner. CEDIA's purpose is to assist with the growth and ongoing prosperity of its members in delivering excellence in their core business.

What is the mission of CEDIA member companies?

CEDIA member companies' goals should be to constantly improve their skill sets and quality of their core businesses, ultimately delivering profitability, and a positive culture and experience for their staff and customers.

How can home builders and designers get involved with CEDIA, find a member company to partner with, and get more information in general?

Home builders and designers can get involved with and find a CEDIA member through the CEDIA Dealer Locator service on the CEDIA website at www.cedia.net. By simply entering the zip code of interest, a builder/designer can view the active CEDIA members in their immediate area and view the respective qualifications, skill sets and product offerings of each CEDIA member company. CEDIA also provides numerous pieces of published information and brochures by request. CEDIA currently provides ongoing education through many venues for builders, architects and interior designers.