Tips From the Field

Simple, Preventive Plumbing Fix for Major Remodels
A couple of years ago, we formed a group of like-minded large scale remodeling companies to meet monthly to share our trials and tribulations and to learn from each other.

During a recent meeting, the discussion came to plumbing problems. In particular, after large scale projects where the clients moved out for a significant time (more than a month or two). The conjecture from the group was that old debris in the pipes stayed soft with the constant use. Once the family moved out, the gunk had the opportunity to harden and then cause problems once the family resumed residence.

The group experience had been that there was often a problem with sewer back-ups after the clients had moved back into the house. Several of the members now routinely snake the drains prior to the clients moving back into the house. It seems like a good idea to implement.

Mark Scott, CR
MARK IV Builders
Bethesda, Md.

Nice Truck
If you are not promoting your company with your vehicle, you may be missing out on a simple, inexpensive form of marketing. If you have a good logo that fits your desired image, you are halfway there. Then you have to decide the other elements you want to include. Use a Web site and phone number for sure. But you also might want to also include a slogan if you have one.

Lastly, it is important to consult a company that does automobile signs and decal work. They should have a person on staff who should be able to take your ideas and render them prior to the application.

At MEGA Home Improvement, we’ve recognized this is a lead opportunity that is not to be taken for granted. Our trucks are cleaned regularly to fit our cleanest image. In fact, our tagline is “The Cleanest Company.” We have also incorporated “saw truck” into our lead tracking. Advertising comes in many forms, and we get the biggest bang for the buck from our trucks.”

Don Domanus, Production Manager
MEGA Home Improvement
Algonquin, Ill.

DVD Helps Set Customer Expectations
Over the last two years we have invested hundreds of hours and a considerable amount of investment dollars to create our new video “Addition Builder, What You Better Know Before You Hire A Contractor.”

We have been giving this video to our customers and prospects for the past few months. We feel this video is very educational for homeowners who are thinking about remodeling and hiring a contractor. Also, it will help other contractors explain to homeowners what to expect when remodeling their home.

So far we’ve received a lot of good response from our clients.

Dennis D’Ambra
D’Ambra Inc.
Huntington Beach, Calif.

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