Radiant Floors from Warmly Yours

Who wouldn’t want to step out of a hot shower in winter and onto warm tiles? Companies such as Warmly Yours have been manufacturing radiant heating systems designed for installation under flooring making this possible and have been for some time now.

“The interest in radiant flooring systems started to pick up in 2000,” says Nicholas Mottet, marketing communications manager for Warmly Yours. “Since then, there has been a steady market growth between 50 and 75 percent each year.”

With our January issue of Qualified Remodeler, we brought you the TempZone Radiant Floor Heating System from Warmly Yours. Beginning just about 10 years ago, Warmly Yours manufactures two lines of ultra-thin under-floor-heating systems: TempZone and Environ II.

According to Warmly Yours, TempZone was developed for use under tile, natural stone and hardwoods, and can be set in the same thin-set cement used to lay tile or stone. It can also be tacked or glued down under hardwood floor coverings. The Environ II system is intended for carpeted rooms, or rooms using floating wood systems. It can be taped in place between a pad and carpet, or a floating wood floor system and subfloor.

Mottet indicated that proper installation is very important in a radiant heating system because the floor will be cold where there are no heating mats. “The heat will only reach out about 2 to 3 in. beyond the mats,” says Mottet. “Homeowners will find cold spots right away, like the toe space under a counter.”

Another product that Warmly Yours offers, coinciding with the radiant floor heating system, is the Safety Siren. This allows tile installers to test electric floor heating continuously and helps attain a fault-free installation on every job. It beeps as soon as a short in the system is created, alerting the tile contractor.

According to Mottet, about 65 percent of their products are put in bathrooms and about 15 percent are installed in the biggest family gathering place: kitchens. Another large application for radiant floor heating is sunrooms. Because it is hard to expand heating systems into what is generally an add-on to a home, radiant heating systems in sunrooms tend to be a simple solution.

Currently, Warmly Yours is focused on market growth, realizing it’s an early stage at the start of a relatively new market. Warmly Yours continues to make improvements and look at future products, while focusing on the homeowners’ wants and the needs of contractors who install these systems.

For more information on Warmly Yours’ Radiant Floor Heating Systems, visit www.warmlyyours.com

Comparative Companies

  • Danfoss LX floor heating mats can even be applied directly to the surface of any old flooring.
  • Warmzone’s ComfortTile Heating System is an electric cable system with in-floor thermostat sensor.
  • The SubRay Modular Hydronic Radiant Floor System from Watts Radiant can be used as a whole-house system or to heat a particular area.