Real-World Marketing

Is your marketing campaign excellent? What actions or systems do you have in place that demonstrates a successful marketing master plan? Does your master plan yield a profit? What are some healthy marketing habits that are justifying your marketing investment dollars? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when I visit with other business owners regarding real-world marketing.

Hopefully, you are consistently and creatively marketing your firm’s services in a way that reaps a harvest of leads and sales. Perhaps you are even developing sound marketing practices to the extent that they are propelling your business to a place of community excellence, respect and prosperity. Regardless of your status as a specialty remodeling marketer, be encouraged by, and please consider my marketing campaign habits. I am convinced they will also help you build your business and become a symbol of excellence in the process.

Waller’s 5-step successful marketing process
Step 1 Select the Customer. Yes, you choose your own customers, whether you realize it or not. From the beginning, map out a detailed profile of the customers to whom you would like to provide services. Many specialty remodelers overlook this important first step and simply begin doing work for anybody and everybody they can.

However, chances are that this will result in a sometimes average operation at best that struggles with growth and profitability. I encourage you to do your homework and determine what the customer you want to serve looks like and you will not be disappointed in the long run.

Step 2 Attract the Customer. Now that you have targeted your customer, attracting them is the next step in the process. Draw in and catch the attention of a qualified customer who is looking for a proven resource such as your firm. Creative and consistent marketing will accomplish this goal.

Step 3 Capture the Customer. Terrific, we now have an identified customer who is attracted to our firm for their specialty remodeling needs. Our challenge at this stage is to capture this customer by demonstrating with our marketing skills that our firm is their best and safest choice.

Step 4 Delight the Customer. Our job now turns to concentrated production, solid customer service and dynamic peace-of-mind marketing. Yes, you must also market through this stage of the process as well. Many customers will experience buyer’s remorse at this stage and specialty remodelers that market must keep the confidence and deliver the valuable peace of mind your customer needs.

Step 5 Earn the Customer’s Referral. In my opinion, this is the most overlooked stage of the marketing process. You have gone this far as a specialty remodeler of excellence — make the conscious decision to also market and earn the customer’s referral as well. This referral will pay significant dividends in the future and will earn you a customer for life.

Commit and Grow
I encourage you to be proactive in your marketing campaign. Remember, the essence of marketing is in establishing a position for your company in the mind of a particular audience. Marketing is not just creative loss leading dollars. Effective marketing is research, consistency, hard work and the courage to be excellent. Ultimately, you must prove to your community what you articulate from your marketing campaign is true and indeed real.

Target that audience, attract them, capture them, wow them, and then follow up like a professional. Commit to these five fundamental marketing steps in 2006 and watch your business, your client base, your profits and your career fulfillment grow.

Marketing is a like a habit: Begin the new habit of real-world marketing, become a firm of excellence and reap the rewards of being a winner in the specialty remodeler arena!