New name, new look, same great story

Welcome to the premier issue of Residential Design & Build magazine. The name is new, but our story is the same. Residential Design & Build is the only resource custom home building professionals can turn to for advice and insight on the design/build project delivery method, as well as information on the latest design trends and new products.

Why the new name? Through research, we learned that the old name — Design/Build Business — confused some people, and that our new name, Residential Design & Build, combined with the tagline “Design Trends and New Products for Custom Home Builders,” clarifies our editorial focus and who our readers are. 

In addition to changing the name, we’ve increased the size of the magazine. Our larger pages provide a richer backdrop for presenting the practical business information you’ve learned to expect in each issue. 

We’ve also improved the graphic design of the magazine. We added more white space, larger photos, more pleasing fonts and generally improved the artistic appeal of our pages to maximize your enjoyment and comprehension of the useful information they contain.

All these changes position Residential Design & Build as the premier publication for specifiers and buyers who are designing and building high-end custom homes. 

But again, in light of all these changes, our editorial focus remains the same. We will continue to present you with business advice, design trends and new product information as we always have. Also in the mix will be project showcases that explore new custom homes, with insight from those who design and build them. A recurring theme will be how the design/build process was used and the many resulting benefits.

Our regular lineup of expert columnists also will continue to share their experiences and provide insight into their successes. Hopefully their experiences will give you cause to view your business from fresh perspectives.

Now that our redesign is complete, we want to know what you think about it. Tell us what you like, and what you don’t like. We want to hear it all. I invite you to share your thoughts in an e-mail to, or call me at (847) 454-2714. 

And now, we present your first issue of Residential Design & Build.