Jauregui Architect Builder

After graduation from Texas A&M, Luis Jauregui decided to dedicate his career to design/build. The concept was relatively unheard of in the Austin, Texas area, and his initial challenge was to prove to clients the value design/build brings to the table. The company philosophy is very design-driven, and over the years, Jauregui created a niche in the upper-end luxury custom market in the range of $2 to $4 million. His firm has gained some national notoriety, a point that opened his eyes to a unique opportunity. Outside of his Texas marketplace, Jauregui has begun promoting his architectural and project management services.

"This departure from strict design/build is deliberate and carefully thought out," Jauregui says. "It is part client-driven and part strategic marketing. As our work has started to become known throughout the country through our annual Parade of Homes, word of mouth and reputation, we have received inquiries about our architectural services from across the country. By embracing this new endeavor, our firm has started to develop a national and soon, international, presence in the design field. We also are able to provide project management to these remote projects as an additional service to our clients."

A current undertaking has brought Jauregui to the Dominican Republic, where he is speaking with the developers of a luxury resort community.

One of Jauregui’s best practices is the firm’s use of a design/build agreement. Clients commit up front to construction, which is the firm’s main profit center. Architectural fees are in the form of construction documents, and in the event the client walks, the drawings stay in the builder’s possession.

"This practice better ensures the integrity of our future construction scheduling and reserves our architectural resources for our build clients," Jauregui says.

The agreement is broken into three payments to cover architectural, engineering and interior design selections. Each of the payments is considered construction deposits. The first payment of $10,000 to $20,000 covers the preliminary floor plan, site plan, preliminary specifications and cost. As an "out," Jauregui offers a withdrawal option from the agreement if the client is dissatisfied for any reason upon completion of the first phase of work.