Sun Design Remodeling Specialists Inc.

In the words of Craig Durosko and Bob Gallagher, Sun Design Remodeling Specialists is run according to a communications company paradigm. The two partners have created a diversified company that consists of employees they feel fit both the company paradigm as well as their own personal roles within the company. It allows the company to move in unified fashion, while catering to the strengths of each individual employee.

The attention they pay to getting the right people on board was tested by a recent year in which the company endured 45 percent turnover. The entire face of the company changed at once, but in restaffing with the right employees in the right positions, the company was able to move forward and meet its strategic plan. As is the case with most successful firms, Sun Design’s business is dependent upon having the right people in place.

A relative newcomer to design/build, Sun Design began by doing specialty remodeling work such as windows, doors and skylights, and one-room additions such as sunrooms, solariums, screened-in decks and porches. The design/build division is four years old, tackling projects that require extensive design. This part of the business has grown significantly during recent years, as the company has worked to achieve a balance between its three divisions.

"It requires different marketing efforts, different vendors and different subs. It caused us to focus on each division and balance it out," Durosko says. "Design/build is a much larger dollar volume. Specialty usually is a cash purchase. It also allows us to grow with a client. Five years down the road they may want to add a sunroom or porch. Ten years down it may be a kitchen. It has really built up our referral base and leads."

As Sun Design achieved success with design/build, the firm incorporated that delivery method into the sun spaces division. Recently the company has implemented a board of advisers made up of the heads of each department to analyze the business and forecast plans for the year. Now, the company is looking to add a closets division to diversify and help the company reach its goal of doing $10 million in annual revenue by 2008.

"Historically a lot of successful organizations have developed different product lines and services, and I think we have the capacity to do something like that. It fits in from a synergistic standpoint."

Diversifying and growing gets back to fitting the right people in the right places. "One of the reasons we can do it is that the people we have on staff are suited to it. It’s natural for them to add closets to the business."