Precision Measuring
Pi Tape Corporation precision measuring devices are instruments that allow the measuring of the true diameters of round and out-of-round forms. With the Pi Tape devices, several readings are not necessary for an accurate diameter reading. Available in either inches or millimeters, the Pi Tape product line includes direct outside and inside diameter measuring tapes, go/no-go tapes, linear tapes and O-ring tapes.

Motorized Blinds
ODL offers its Motorized Doorglass Blinds as a low-maintenance solution for controlling light and privacy. Blinds are sealed between glass and meet ADA requirements for accessible forward reach and operating force. The blinds tilt open or close by a control button that is integrated into the door glass frame.

Home Automation
Colorado vNet unveils its new Home Automation System featuring a touch-sensitive electronic touch pad. It's a distributed intelligence solution designed to operate without a central computer. The system operates with control, input and communication modules linked by a high-performance bus.

The new Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer from Ladder Max is a safe, strong, stable working tool when attached to extension ladders up to 40 ft. Its design g ives a convenient stand-off from work surfaces for installation or cleaning of rain gutters, painting, washings windows, attaching decorations and other maintenance projects. The stand-off space of 19 in. simplifies working around overhangs, windows and other obstacles. The Ladder-Max 39-in. width stabilizes the ladder near the point where work is performed.

Glass Pendants
W.A.C. Lighting introduces the G617 Series of Quick Connect Glass Pendants. Offered in a trumpet shape, the G617 Series features hand-blown shades with Millefiore frits. The shades are offered in three colors: blue/green, blue/red and white/amber. Each Quick Connect pendant is 4 in. wide and 7 in. tall.

Brick Veneers
Owens Corning introduces Cultured Brick Thin Brick Veneers that can be installed indoors or out without the expense of additional foundation support. The Cultured Brick Veneers are 1/2 in. thick, are noncombustible making them safe for fireplace use and come in nine colors, including Bucks County, Chardonnay, Horton Bay, High Desert and San Francisco.

Dream Rail
Thermal Industries' Dream Rail System is available in a view enhancing Glass Rail design. This unique system offers a combination of durable, 3/8-in. thick tempered safety glass anchored by Dream Rail vinyl components. The Dream Rail System is made of high-performance vinyl, needs no priming or painting, and is available in white or earth tone colors.

Rhino Pry Bar
The Rhino Pry Bar from Maxforce Systems is a set of interchangeable prying tips and handles allowing the pry bar to be adaptable for many applications. Designed to apply prying force over a wide range of movement, the Rhino Pry Bar has a standard configuration of 37 in. long, weighs 5 lbs. and comes with a a custom case.