Radiant Floor Heating

1. Warmboard's radiant subfloor is a heating system that uses hot water circulating through tubing installed on plywood tongue-and-groove floor panels. This system then radiates heat through the aluminum top layer into living spaces. Warmboard uses lower water temperatures than other radiant systems and can be covered by any flooring including hardwood, tile or carpeting.

2. Warmzone's ComfortTile Heating System is an electric cable system with in-floor thermostat sensor and can be custom fit into any room. Cables are 1/16 in. in diameter and are installed into the thinset and contain a stainless steel braid covering. ComfortTile can be used under tile, marble and slate flooring.

3. The TempZone Radiant Floor Heating System from Warmly Yours is an electric floor heating system that can heat tiles in bathroom or kitchen. The TempZone is made of a heating wire secured in a fiberglass net and generates 51 Btu per hour per sq. ft. (equivalent to 15 watts per sq. ft.). Usually installed as a source of supplemental heat, the TempZone can be designed and used as a primary source of heat.

4. Mitsubishi Electric HVAC offers the Mr. Slim MSZ12UN model, a split-ductless cooling and heating solution. Comprised of both indoor and outdoor units, the MSZ12UN was designed originally to meet the upcoming 13 SEER requirements and uses less energy than single-speed systems.

5. The Nuheat Floor Warming System is a prebuilt electrical radiant floor warming system that uses thin heating wires embedded in a durable material mat that are then laid under the flooring surface. Available in 110- and 220-volt mats, the Floor Warming System is 1/8 in. thick and comes in over 60 standard sizes. Custom size mats are also available for rooms with curves and angles.

6. The SubRay Modular Hydronic Radiant Floor System from Watts Radiant can be used over frame or slab floors. These heating system modules can be installed as a whole-house system or used to heat a basement or room addition. The SubRay comes in 5/8- and 3/4-in. thicknesses and sleepers are 6 in. wide with a 2 1/8-in. space between panels when installed.