Details Make the Difference

It’s only natural when a client is spending so much on a kitchen and/or bath design to want all of the bells and whistles, to want every detail just right. After all, a good design is, more often than not, all about the details. And those details frequently include decorative elements on and around the cabinets that make each design unique, whether the design is Old World, traditional, transitional or contemporary.

There are a host of cabinet components, as well as functional hardware hidden away, that helps kitchen and bath dealers and designers create personalized, customized looks for each of their clients.

Cabinet components, today, take the form of everything from elaborate corbels and onlays to streamlined aluminum legs and simple bun feet. They twist and curve into stylish legs that can be fitted to islands to achieve a furniture look. They can adorn custom range hoods and window valances in order to match the style of the kitchen cabinets. They can be inserted as decorative glass elements into a stainless steel, aluminum or wood cabinet door. And they can be ordered finished or unfinished in a wide array of wood species that run the gamut from the standard maple and cherry to the more exotic woods consumers are now demanding.

Behind the scenes, functional hardware is the silent workhorse that adds value and safety to cabinets. This hardware usually shows up as concealed drawer runners and hidden hinges, all with soft- and self-close features to lessen wear and tear on cabinet doors and drawers, and keep tiny hands from getting caught.