Fabricators Sought for Charitable Drive

Las Vegas —
DuPont Surfaces has partnered with The Storehouse of World Vision to recruit DuPont-certified fabricators for the first-ever “DuPont Fab 4000 Event.”

The Wilmington, DE-based DuPont Surfaces announced the charitable initiative at the annual Surface Fabrication & Design Expo here in March.

The announcement, DuPont officials said, kicks off a one-day, national event – scheduled for Sept. 16 – in which participants will be asked to collectively fabricate DuPont Solid Surface material into 4,000 vanity tops. The fabricated vanities will then be distributed by The Storehouse of World Vision to low-income families across the country.

“Our partnership with The Storehouse of World Vision will assist The Storehouse in its mission of improving housing and facilities in low-income communities,” DuPont said.