NKBA Okays $500,000 For Legislative Push

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ — The National Kitchen & Bath Association will spend upwards of $500,000 this year to protect the rights of its members to practice their profession, the association said last month.

The Hackettstown, NJ-based NKBA announced that its Board of Directors authorized an expenditure of up to $500,000 for legislative activities on the national and local level for calendar year 2006.

The authorization, according to association CEO Michael Kelly, was deemed necessary because of “increased activities on the part of other design organizations to limit the ability of NKBA members to practice their profession.

“We anticipate a number of state initiatives by design coalitions to introduce title or practice acts in 2006, and our Board has recognized that NKBA may need to act promptly and decisively in order to protect the interests of our members,” Kelly said. “We now have the ability to respond wherever and whenever we need to in order to ensure the continued ability of our members to work.”

According to Edward Nagorsky, general counsel for the NKBA, the proposed bills being introduced by design coalitions “contain definitions of interior design that are so broad that they clearly have the capability of impacting our members and limiting their right to work.

“As a trade association, we must take all steps necessary to ensure that any such legislation does not unduly infringe upon the ability of our members to practice and compete in the marketplace,” Nagorsky said. “We look forward to working with the state coalitions and our local representatives to make certain that our rights, as well as the rights of the general public, are protected.”