20-20 Executive Summit Termed a Success

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — North American commercial and residential furniture manufacturers, including many well known cabinet suppliers, were encouraged to incorporate technology – and help their customers embrace it – by prominent industry speakers at the third annual 20-20 Technologies Executive Summit and Manufacturers Forum. Nearly 100 representatives of manufacturing firms attended the annual four-day event here last month, reported the Laval, Quebec-based 20-20.

Keynote Speakers Joyce Gioia, John Brandt and Patricia Panchak delivered presentations on manufacturing issues, from providing proper training and increasing the number of skilled workers, to efficiently competing with international markets.

Kitchen and Bath Design News publisher Eliot Sefrin also provided a glimpse into current and future trends in products and design.

The event revolved largely around a series of roundtable discussions moderated by 20-20 staff. The forums gave attendees the opportunity to exchange ideas, have concerns addressed and brainstorm with colleagues to find possible resolutions to those concerns.

“The success of the Summit set a new event standard for the manufacturing industry,” said Richard Carruthers, v.p./sales, manufacturers, for 20-20.

“From what I saw, it resulted in excellent dialog and interaction with attendees.”