Whirlpool Corp. Joins Alliance

N. Charleston, SC - Whirlpool Corp. has joined the 15-member corporate manufacturing partnership, Noisette Urban Alliance (NUA), the company announced.

The first corporate alliance of its kind, the partnership is designed to promote resource-friendly products and building for sustainability and the redevelopment of the 3,000-acre, $1.85 billion Noisette urban rehabilitation project, based here.

Terms of the NUA agreement include Whirlpool Corp.'s participation in the new Noisette Urban Alliance Studio, a facility that provides educational programs to building industry professionals and the public.

"The knowledge Whirlpool Corp. obtains through involvement with Noisette and the NUA Studio will help us advance our global environmental protection efforts. This project further utilizes our resource-friendly product knowledge and helps our partners in the building community develop more sustainable societies," said Guy Minnix, director of contract marketing and strategy for Whirlpool Corp.

"We are excited to be an active partner with Noisette, and look forward to watching the community flourish," he concluded.