Earn Profits As Liaison, Firm Suggests

"I'll meet you in the middle," is a commendable sentiment when in negotiations, but the concept takes on a much more pragmatic, profit-boosting air when approaching a new interior design venture.

So says John Begansky and Cliff Mendelson of Tomkins Cove, NY-based Undercurrent Designs, Inc., who offer decorative painting services to their key clients: interior designers, architects and general contractors.

As the pair point out, acting as a liaison for other design professionals enables projects to be completed quicker and more efficiently all while providing a viable design service and boosting their bottom line.

"When you provide a full range of painting services [like we do], it eliminates the need for multiple contractors," Mendelson offers.

"Our clients hire us to work with their most prestigious clients in commercial settings and private homes. We have found this invariably results in positive referrals for the design professional as well as future work for us," adds Begansky.

Mendelson continues: "As colleagues in the profession, we provide accurate estimates, custom samples, reliable scheduling and personal attention," adding that the result is often a design process free of interruptions.

To help accomplish this, the pair suggest keeping an extensive portfolio of hand-painted finishes as well as professional photographs of past work to help supply clients with the visual aids necessary to make an informed decision. Also, finished rooms can be made available for viewing, on request, as another resource for your firm.

Begansky concludes: "By expanding you range of services, it can increase value to the customer and your bottom line!"