Expert Cites Impression As Key to Sale

Expert Cites Impression As Key to Sale

While it is true that "You never get a second chance to make a first impression," this sentiment takes on extra meaning in the kitchen and bath industry.

This is the belief of Fred Berns, a marketing and sales consultant and president of Louisvillle, CO-based Power Promotion, Inc., who notes that a strong first impression can make all the difference for your business.

In fact, Berns notes that designers generally have less than 30 seconds to not only catch a prospect's attention, but increase the chances of making the sale.

Therefore, he offers: "How do you come across in your first meeting with a key prospect? Do you give the impression that you're a striver, or an arriver? A wannabe, or a winner?"

To improve your firm's first impression, Berns notes that you should send the prospect materials about your firm before the meeting. This material should include information about your clients, design specialties and awards.

It may also be beneficial to create a killer "commercial," or a succinct way to promote the firm's key talents.

Design professionals should also always initiate a firm handshake, and stand firmly, yet naturally, upon meeting a prospect for the first time, Berns points out.