Price Pfister Cites Its Top Agency

Price Pfister Cites Its Top Agency

Indianapolis, IN Delta Faucet Co., a leading manufacturer of faucets, recently hosted a "Grand Kaizen" program for its parent company Masco Corp., the com-pany announced.

Held at the company's Jackson, TN-based manufacturing and distribution site, the week-long event offered 23 manufacturing executives including international representatives from Delta Canada and Delta's Panyu, China plant an opportunity to participate and learn more about the principles of Kaizen, a business philosophy designed toward improving productivity, cost
and overall effectiveness.

Masco developed the idea of the Grand Kaizen as a means to allow business managers the opportunity to experience first-hand the effectiveness of the team-based Kaizen approach, the company noted.

The format of the Masco event used five teams, made up of seven to 12 participants, with each team challenged to make significant improvements in areas such as quality, productivity, available capacity and equipment reliability.

"For many managers, participation in the Grand Kaizen [philosophy] has been a turning point in the way they think about how they can improve their respective operations," said Gary Yezbeck, director of operational services for Masco Corp.

Delta holds some 90 regular Kaizen events per year in its domestic manufacturing plants. Masco Corp. has conducted 10 Grand Kaizen events in all, with several hundred Kaizen events anticipated at Masco companies this year, the company added.