NKBA 2004 Design competition: Category 7: large bathrooms

Old World styling meets 21st-century convenience and function in this award-winning master bath designed by Jeannie Fulton of Ridgewood, NJ-based Ulrich Inc.

"The homeowner desired timeless beauty mixed with modern conveniences for this design," explains Fulton. And, that's exactly what she delivered.

Details, such as a hand-made Venetian mirror and heavy use of marble mosaics and crystal throughout the design, create the soothing ambience of an Old World bath straight out of France or Italy.

"The mosaics were used as a horizontal line, uninterrupted, around the room," the designer points out. Marble with a marble mosaic medallion adorns the bath's floor.

A ceiling medallion centers a crystal chandelier from Moser Lighting, which augments the sconces, also from Moser, she further adds.

All-white cabinetry from Sterling, along with French Vanilla Marble countertops, add to the "Modern Timelessness" of the design while adding storage and function for the homeowner, notes Fulton.

In fact, "combining a vaulted barrel ceiling around the tub with glass-faced cabinetry created additional storage and display areas," she says.

Additionally, a pedestal sink from St. Thomas Creations combines with cabinetry for storage and a sit-down area for make-up.

Function is also seen in the types of plumbing fixtures Fulton installed, such as the TOTO USA toilet and the customized, tiled shower. "The oversized shower [even] allowed for the placement of a French marble bench," she adds.

Lastly, a jetted Jacuzzi tub adds not only function, but also a spa-like atmosphere, believes Fulton. The positioning of the Pella window over the tub provides a view of the pool in the homeowner's backyard. "It also serves to enhance the stream of daylight over the tub," she says.