Sea Gull Honored For Energy Savings

Sea Gull Honored For Energy Savings

Riverside, NJ The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy have named Sea Gull Lighting Products, Inc. as an "Energy Star Partner of the Year" for the company's contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing and promoting energy-efficient products, corporate officials announced.

Sea Gull Lighting's accomplishments were recognized at a recent ceremony in Washington, DC.

The Riverside, NJ-based Sea Gull Lighting, a charter partner in the program since 1992, was honored for its leadership in manufacturing and marketing lighting products that earn the "Energy Star" designation, an officially recognized the mark of environmental protection through energy efficiency.

Sea Gull Lighting is a leading manufacturer and marketer of decorative and functional lighting for residential, commercial and architectural applications.\

"Sea Gull Lighting is proud to be an 'Energy Star' partner," said Jeffrey Beiter, director of business development, Energy Efficient Products for Sea Gull. "The foundation of our 85-year-old company has been built around being able to offer our customers the newest products with all the latest features. 'Energy Star'-qualified products have all the latest features, save money on utility bills, and are good for the environment."

The Partner of the Year Award honors manufacturers and retailers who successfully promote and deliver "Energy Star"-qualified products.