Format for Roundtables Revised by SEN

Format for Roundtables Revised by SEN

Chapel Hill, NC A revised Dealer Executive Roundtable program that will "accelerate increased growth and profitability" for members has been implemented by the SEN Buying Group, the organization announced last month.

Kenneth Peterson, CKD, president of SEN, said that the new format will debut at the buying group's Spring Conference, set for Charleston, SC April 28 to May 1. It will merge two business education programs that SEN has been offering separately: self-help Dealer Roundtables and Dealer Financial Comparison Reports, Peterson said.

Among the objectives of the new roundtable format are to enable SEN members to improve their understanding of financial statements, identify in what areas they can improve their company's profitability, and collectively solve common business problems, Peterson said. Roundtable groups of 8 to 10 members will have a facilitator with proven business experience and will work as a team for a three-year period.

The original SEN Dealer Executive Roundtable was launched in 1991, three years before SEN formed its buying group program. "At that time, small groups of 6 to 10 members met regionally at a central location to solve business problems of a common nature. There was a tremendous perceived value in this program because dealers 'no longer felt so alone' in a depressed economy where 'big boxes' were starting to gain significant market share," Peterson said.

After the buying group was launched, the roundtable concept remained a permanent programming fixture at SEN National Conferences. However, an increased number of participants diminished its intimacy, noted Peterson.

"In reconfiguring the roundtable into small self-help groups, we are in a sense going back to our roots while shifting the focus to comparing member financial statements. This new learning dimension will quicken the pace of change to improve the bottom lines of our members," he added.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting SEN at (800) 991-1711, or by visiting the buying group's Web site, at