Vent-A-Hood Honors Employees

Vent-A-Hood Honors Employees

Richardson, TX Vent-A-Hood, the manufacturer of residential range hoods based here, has inducted seven corporate employees into the Vent-A-Hood "Hall of Fame," the company announced.

Combined, the seven honorees have given more than 200 years of service to the company, said Blake Woodall, director of sales for Vent-A-Hood.

"We respect and admire all of our dedicated staff members," said Woodall. "This is just one way to honor them for their hard work that has helped to build our company."

Hall of Fame honorees included Bob Eugene Norris, Frane Juric, Lenorra Victoria Kincaid, Ernesto Zapata Rodriguez, Cassie Faye Horton, Frank Joseph Morris, and Milton Odene Berry.

Each recipient received a custom-designed Vent-A-Hood Hall of Fame ring or pendant designed by the same company that makes the U.S. Olympic gold medals.

According to Woodall, the Hall of Fame will be an ongoing club for the appliance company, which plans to honor all future employees with 20 or more years on staff in the same way.