High Style Surrounds Showroom Appliance Offerings

High Style Surrounds Showroom Appliance Offerings

By Steven Shaw

The Hadco showroom, which opened here in October, is a venue where designers and the public are welcome to peruse high-end kitchen appliances in an upscale setting. While Tom Cutler, v.p. and general manager of Hadco in New England, describes the building itself as "a garden-variety industrial building," nothing about the interior is standard fare. As visitors walk in under a barrel vault ceiling, they are presented with vignettes up front and along the left side. Offices are located through glass panels.

"There are nine separate kitchen vignettes, and then the main showroom area, where we have the theater and all sorts of exhibits," he reports. Exhibits located in the main area include an extensive array of products for clients to review. "We have a wall of wall ovens, a line of professional ranges, a line of cooktops, a wall of dishwashers, and a wall of ventilators," Cutler notes.

While the vignettes are not live, Cutler stresses that the appliances in the vignettes which include products from Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenau, FiveStar, AGA, Scotsman and Cabana Kitchens can be found live in the training area, which is located in the center of the amphitheater. Since Hadco is in the premium domestic kitchen appliance business, the showroom focuses on this aspect.

The amphitheater itself doubles as a training facility, as well as an area for customers to try out appliances before they buy them. "If you're going to spend $4,000 or $5,000 on a complicated oven, it would behoove you to come down and try it out to make sure that you're happy with it before you buy," remarks Cutler.

"We have a chef on staff to take you through some of your favorite recipes with the proposed new piece, so you can take it for a test drive. We have cooktops and ovens that are live; you can come down and kind of play with them to make sure the product is what you want."

Cutler adds that, once a customer buys the appliance, the person is invited back for a care-and-use class which is also held in the amphitheater.

Design Help
Among the designers involved in the development of the vignettes was Dalia Tamari of Dalia Kitchen Designs, who was called due to her company's strong working relationship with Hadco, according to Yael Tamari, executive director of Dalia Kitchen Designs. "Hadco often recommends us to its customers for designing," she remarks.

Dalia Kitchen Designs works with several vendors in the very high-end custom cabinetry business, according to Tamari. "We sat down with the managers of Hadco and picked what we thought would be the most beautiful."

The three completed vignettes, designed by Andre Julien of Canada, Mark Wilkinson Furniture and Chalon of Great Britain, are traditional, according to Tamari. The custom Julien design is featured in a taupe/walnut combo, while the Chalon room incorporates a prefinished, distressed old country look. The Wilkinson vignette uses very unique design details, according to Tamari, "since the furniture is usually purchased primed, and painted artistically later."

"Dalia Kitchen Design's kitchens are among the highlights of our complex," Cutler reports. "Their work incorporates our appliance products perfectly and displays them at their very best."

With three vignettes from Dalia at the Hadco showroom, Tamari adds that the location actually functions as an additional showroom for Dalia Kitchen Designs.

Spreading the Word
In order to introduce the showroom to the community, Hadco has participated in a several trade organization events. "We hosted an NKBA evening, with a speaker. Our chef cooked for more than 100 people," notes Cutler. "And, we've done the same for NARI."

Cutler adds that, at least once a month, Hadco tries to also have a consumer event. "In November, we had 'Five Ways to Cook a Turkey.' People came just before Thanksgiving to get some ideas on different ways to prepare a turkey," he said.

Hadco has also taken out some print ads in Boston Magazine, and has begun an aggressive campaign with its dealers. "We encourage them to send their people here, since we have dealer training," Cutler says. "Our partnerships are very important to us."