'Dream' Kitchen Design Conveys Elegant, Rustic Feel

'Dream' Kitchen Design Conveys Elegant, Rustic Feel

By Barbara Capella Loehr

This past year's Street of Dreams was no exception, encompassing five custom, luxury homes all on one street in an upscale community just outside of Seattle. The homes were open for public viewing from mid-July to mid-August, and showcased the latest trends in kitchen and bath design, as well as in building, interior design, architecture, home furnishings, landscaping and decorating ideas.

And, as usual, at the show's conclusion, votes were tallied, and the top designs announced. This year, the Street of Dreams home that won 17 out of the 22 classes judged including Best Kitchen Design and Best of the Best featured a fabulous kitchen featuring innovative cabinetry applications. The design began with inset cabinetry from Canyon Creek Cabinet Co., with recessed doors and drawer fronts that sit flush with the cabinet face frame.

Terry James Young, direct sales representative, designer and consultant for Monroe, WA-based Canyon Creek products, collaborated with Todd Parmenter, owner of and builder with Parmenter Homes, on this kitchen design.

"The Street of Dreams is a very large show with state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar homes. People come from all over to see the show. I have participated in many of these, and so have [the] builders [I work with]," says Young.

He notes that he and Parmenter ended up working on a building plan they have done together before on a smaller scale, and in a different platform.

"We had been building a smaller version of this home in Stonegate Plat, and [Todd] took it and expanded it to use in this Street of Dreams. It went over so well before, we took it to another level, adding to it, for example, in the kitchen space," notes Young.

Young and Parmenter worked on this kitchen design together, using a give-and-take approach, as they have done in years past.

"Todd has also had a hands-on approach in the homes we've done together," notes Young. "We've come up with some pretty nice kitchens."

When Parmenter throws out an idea, Young runs with it, no matter what it is. According to Young, he sees it as a design challenge. For example, there is a fireplace in the corner of the kitchen held inside wood cabinetry, which was one of the main challenges of the design, explains Young.

"It was interesting putting it into a wood cabinet. I scratched my head at the idea, at first, but said, 'Okay, I'll do some research and see if we can make it work,'" he recalls. "Quite a few eyebrows were raised when I came back to Canyon Creek and said we were putting a fireplace inside a corner cabinet. But we did do research with fireplace companies so it would not be a fire hazard, and then we had to figure out how to get access to it with the controls, gas, etc."

But that level of dedication to solving design challenges set the tone for the entire design process, from the kitchen to the rest of the home, notes Young. And, in the case of the fireplace, the solution created a stunning focal point for the warm, elegant kitchen

At the heart of this award-winning kitchen design is "the latest in kitchen technology,"
says Young.

On the cabinetry which features the company's Falmouth door style in Rustic Alder, finished in a Honey stain with a Chocolate glaze an ogee molding was applied to the 4" crown molding at the top of the cabinetry. Then, a cornice molding was used at the bottom of the cabinetry.

The chiseled, granite-topped center island, complete with furniture ends, serves as another focal point. "The countertops really worked well with the overall look of the kitchen," comments Young.

Parmenter and Young wanted the cabinetry, as well as the entire kitchen, to convey a 'homey,'
furniture feel.

"I believe the inset doors, along with the moldings, helped achieve that," notes Young, who adds that the cabinetry serves as the design's starting point and inspiration for the design.

Refrigerator panels, pantry pull-outs, glass mullion doors, furniture legs and a farmhouse sink completed the elegant, yet rustic feel of this kitchen, Young notes.

In terms of state-of-the-art function, Young and Parmenter packed this kitchen with all of the tools
a 21st-century, luxury kitchen should have.

"[For instance], we went with two [Jenn-Air] dishwashers in this kitchen for ease of entertaining," says Young. "We also went with a [Jenn-Air] commercial range, and installed a [Jenn-Air] warming drawer across from it in the island, which was one of the work zones we created."

To the left of the range sits a 48" Jenn-Air built-in refrigerator. A double oven, also from Jenn-Air, completes the kitchen's high-end functionality.

"You can get to things quickly and easily in this kitchen And, because of the close proximity of the appliances, we didn't feel the need to install a sink in the island," he adds. Therefore, the singular sink in the kitchen is the aforementioned farmhouse model.

Overall, this functional kitchen is large enough to have several, nicely equipped work zones, but it still feels cozy and inviting, according to Young.

"One of the things people noticed in this kitchen is that the design made you want to come in and take your shoes off," he states.

Design continuity
It was also important to keep the kitchen in the same design vein as the rest of the home in order to maintain a feeling of continuity.

To that end, the butler's pantry was designed to complement the kitchen design. The butler's pantry featured Canyon Creek Crème Broulée cabinetry. "The cabinetry was done in what we call a Crème Broulée finish, which is a cream paint with a chocolate glaze," explains Young.

Then, in the master bath, the same Crème Broulée finish was applied to the cabinetry and Queen Anne legs were added to "achieve that same furniture look in the kitchen and throughout the home," says Young.

The Rustic Alder cabinetry with the Crème Broulée finish in different rooms of this home "turned out to be a great com-bination in the homes [Todd and I] have been doing," Young concludes.