Composite Networking Cables. The HomeChoice Access Control Banana Peel composite cables are designed for cost-effective installation in security applications. The cables feature a jacketless design that affixes the cables to a center spline, eliminating the need to strip the jacket for termination for faster installation. Cables are color-coded with the intended application printed on the jacket to eliminate termination problems. Belden Electronics. 800-BELDEN-4

Wireless Networking Signal Generator. The signal generated by the Wireless Access Point (WAP) device will reach 325 feet indoors and 1,312 feet outdoors. It is designed to eliminate signal interference from such things as home appliances. The device is powered over Ethernet using single Cat 5E wiring and is positioned in a home's optimum location typically a ceiling for the best reception. The unit can be recessed mounted to be unobtrusive to a home's d├ęcor. On-Q Home. (800) 321-2343

Multi-Room Audio Distribution System. The RS3000 web-based audio control system features a hot-plug monitor that automatically recognizes and identifies system components to the network. The system also includes a two-way RS-232 port for enhanced communication with other products and devices. Included are six infrared controllable keypads with an ultra-slim profile for mounting virtually anywhere. IntelliNet. (540) 349-2329

Plug-In Signal Enhancer. The BoosterLinc plug-in X10 signal-enhancing device can be simultaneously deployed throughout the home to provide a reliable network between automated devices. The unit plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet, allowing homeowners the benefits of automated lighting, heating and cooling, entertainment systems and more. The device is designed to amplify X10 signals in real time. Smarthome Inc. (800) SMARTHOME