Outdoor subwoofer. The new 12-inch Voyager outdoor subwoofer is designed to deliver high-impact bass in open-air or marine environments. The speaker features a completely sealed, UV-resistant polyethylene enclosure that can withstand harsh conditions, including extreme heat or cold, salt water, and high winds. It can be mounted discreetly between the joists on the underside of a deck. Boston Acoustics (978) 538-5000

All-weather speaker. The Solaris all-weather speaker line includes the SPF 25 and SPF 35 models, designed to produce the natural, dynamic sound outdoors people expect indoors. The speakers are built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. With a composite enclosure and aluminum grilles, the outer shell is light, UV-resistant and weatherized to maintain vivid color through years of sun exposure. Phase Technology (888) PHASETK

 Indoor/outdoor loudspeaker. The Atrium 65SDI indoor/outdoor loudspeaker features single-channel and dual-channel inputs that allow it to operate as a self-contained stereo speaker or as one channel in a stereo pair. This configuration is designed to provide the flexibility to configure a system to meet specific needs. The unit uses patented Power Port venting technology that reduces "chuffing" or "port noise" and provides deeper, more powerful bass with low distortion. Polk Audio (800) 377-7655

High-performance loudspeaker. The ViewPoint high-performance loudspeaker is designed for use with wall-mounted, flat-panel video displays. The unit is a two-way Coherent Source loudspeaker built to visually integrate with any brand of flat-panel, wall-mounted video display. The built-to-order, all-aluminum enclosure is trimmed in length and painted to match the customer's display by the manufacturer for wall-mounting directly aside the display. Thiel Audio (859) 254-9427