EldCustom kitchen suite. The Summitt kitchen installation features a partially enclosed complete outdoor kitchen with custom stainless steel base and wall cabinets. The kitchen also includes a professional-grade range hood, granite countertops and a copper bar facade. This kitchen suite can be used poolside for casual entertaining. Caf├ęCabinets (423) 637-4822

Outdoor cooking suite. The Dynasty line includes the Talos outdoor cooking suite. The unit is built to bring home the passion for cooking outdoors. It is a custom-designed, handcrafted suite of grilling products integrated into a chef's cooking configuration. This industrial-sized outdoor island is said to offer a commanding presence and unmatched grilling performance with individual pieces joined into one harmonious cooking area. Jade Products Co. (888) 462-9824

Professional-style barbecues. Char-Glo pro-line barbecues feature 42x20-in. grilling surfaces. Three models are available: slide-in and drop-in which can be built into existing cabinetry and fully assembled freestanding units. The units include up to 80,000 Btu of power under the grilling surface. In addition, all feature a heavy-duty rotisserie with a 12,000 Btu burner, easily accommodating a 25-pound turkey or leg of lamb. Thermador (800) 656-9226

Built-in grills. The Signature Series line of portable and built-in natural gas or propane grills includes several models, including: the Extreme VCS5000 gas BBQ with a big cooking area and warming rack; the Ultimate VCS4000 grill; the Sizzler VCS3500 gas grill; the Radical VCS3000 gas grill; the Versatile VC200; and the Good-To-Go VC0620 and VC0680 models. The units are built to create unique outdoor kitchens for any house. Vermont Castings (905) 670-7777

Refreshment centers. The 24- and 41-in.-wide refreshment centers feature a commercial-style appearance. The 24-in.-wide unit features a fresh-ice storage bin with a sliding cover. Four stainless steel condiment bins can store lemons, limes or whatever is needed for drinks. The 41-in.-wide unit features a cold-water sink equipped with a professional-style faucet. A large storage trough behind the sink can hold gallon containers or two-liter bottles. Viking Range Co. (888) 845-4641