Expert Offers Tips on Lighting

Expert Offers Tips on Lighting

Sometimes, the best way to make a design firm shine is to make sure the staff is knowledgeable about kitchen and bath lighting.

So says Eric Borden of Sea Gull Lighting a dealer-member of the Bath & Kitchen Buying Group (BKBG) who addressed BKBG members at a recent educational conference sponsored by the member-owned co-op.

Borden stated "Understanding the cause and effect of different lamps is important. Knowing this will make you more professional."

For instance, he notes that designers should be familiar with the concept of lumens, or the total measure of light energy emitted from a light source; and efficacy, defined as the relationship between lumens output and watts consumed, which is expressed in lumens per watt.

To best utilize this concept, Borden explained that designers can study and use the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which determines the ability of a light source to produce colors expressed on a scale of 0-100 in relationship to a referenced light source.

Borden pointed out that recessed fixtures are suitable for residential and commercial projects, adding that recessed fixtures are thermally protected and available for wet shower locations, cabinets, soffits and accent lighting, as well.

Low-voltage linear lighting systems were also recommended, with possible applications including under and inside cabinets, cove lighting, showcases, toe-space accent illumination, accenting and highlighting, and bath vanity toe-space night lights.

Borden also pointed out the significant difference between xenon and halogen lighting, noting that xenon bulbs are less expensive and burn brighter than halogen bulbs and more importantly, not hotter.

Borden concluded: "Overall, solid lighting is an important aspect to good kitchen and bath design."