Medallion Aids Area Hospital

Medallion Aids Area Hospital

Waconia, MN Medallion Cabinetry, the manufacturer of kitchen cabinets and vanities based here, has once again assisted a local hospital in raising money to support ongoing health care efforts, the company announced.

For four consecutive years, Medallion has been the leading sponsor for Ridgeview Foundation's annual Golf Extravaganza. The Foundation supports the mission of Ridgeview Medical Center, which offers care for 200,000 people, including Medallion employees.

This year's event raised $80,000 to help purchase new fetal monitors for Ridgeview's OB unit, according to Medallion's executive v.p.-general manager Tom Cook.

During the four years that Medallion has been involved, Ridgeview Foundation's Golf Extravaganza has raised more than $300,000, Medallion said.

"Medallion is proud to be a sponsor of Ridgeview Foundation and supports its many efforts to enhance the quality care in Waconia and surrounding areas," Cook said. "It's a fun way to support the community, as well as an opportunity to bring all area businesses together for a very worthy cause."