Use Consistency, Service to Brand Your Firm, Dealers Told

Use Consistency, Service to Brand Your Firm, Dealers Told

As kitchen and bath dealers build their businesses, they should not forget the importance of building a brand, as well.

What does building a brand have to do with kitchen and bath dealers? Everything, at least according to Kimball Derrick of The Kitchen Design Studio and Mark Cobucci of Dovetail Designs Inc., both of whom are dealer-members of the Houston, TX-based Bath & Kitchen Buying Group (BKBG).

At a recent educational conference sponsored by the member-owned co-op, they advised other BKBG members about how to brand their firms in a way that current and potential customers would come not only to trust, but to immediately associate with when planning a kitchen and bath remodel. And it all starts with creating consistency and building a reputation for outstanding customer service, say Derrick and Cobucci.

The duo offered some simple steps kitchen and bath dealers can take to "build a brand." Included are the following:

  • Have a mission statement, and give a copy to every potential customer you have. Display it in your showroom in several places.
  • Similarly, use referral letters that cite your excellent service and display them in your showroom.
  • Build a customer service record by doing what you say and more. By doing so, your firm will be known as one that does what it says it will.
  • Give a page of 100 referrals to everyone who comes into your showroom, along with a list of vendors that can be called to check out your firm.
  • Display the NKBA code of ethics in your showroom, and/or give a copy to all of your clients.
  • Be consistent in everything you do, including how you run your firm, how you present your firm to the general public and how you handle service, products and installation. "At McDonald's, you expect it to be the same everywhere. This is true in our business, as well," say Derrick and Cobucci.
  • Use the same logo on everything trucks, letterhead, envelopes, clothing, etc. Anything that displays your firm's name should have the same logo on it.
  • Create a jingle for your firm, and use it in all of your radio and/or TV ads.
  • Private-label your cabinet drawers. Check with your manufacturer if this service is offered.
  • Offer more than you believe your competition offers.
  • Send a business card with every bill that is paid on time.