Wellborn Hosts Training Seminars

Wellborn Hosts Training Seminars

Ashland, AL Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., based here, continues its series of "Wellborn Academy" training seminars in order to enhance its customers' ability to promote and sell Wellborn products in their markets, the com-pany stated.

The latest in the educational series features a three-day seminar set, with each day of the series dedicated to the following topics: "Product Knowledge," "Design" and "Computer-Aided Design." Customers can attend all three days or just the classes that best fit their needs, said Wellborn.

The "Product Knowledge" class features a video plant tour that includes all phases of Wellborn's manufacturing process from the log to delivery, as well as selling tips and ideas for the specialty cabinet business and Wellborn's "Unique Differential Advantages." The class also features a walk-through of the company's "Specification Catalogs" and literature, in order to help dealers become more familiar with Wellborn's product offerings.

The "Design" class offers a hands-on experience for all levels of designers, starting with basic design challenges and progressing to advanced design, Wellborn noted. Topics discussed in the "Design" class include how to face challenges of the corner and how to design with accessories.

The "Computer-Aided Design" class focuses on helping dealers become more effective at using computer-aided design, offering step-by-step instructions for using 20-20 design software with Wellborn products.

The seminars are part of Wellborn's yearly offering of some 12 to 15 training classes, given in various locations across the country, and open to both current and potential Wellborn customers. Wellborn customers are encouraged to send anyone from their companies, from owners and managers to design associates, Wellborn added.