Leading European Remodeler Enters U.S. Market

Leading European Remodeler Enters U.S. Market

Frankfurt, Germany PORTAS, the leading remodeling organization in Europe, is expanding into the U.S. market with a plan to establish between 10 and 15 master franchises in the U.S., the company announced.

The remodeling firm, based here, said it is seeking master licensees in the U.S., as it attempts to establish a foothold in the market. PORTAS currently has some 500 licensees in 13 countries, and generates annual revenues of more than $100 million, according to company officials.

Kitchens will be among three main product lines offered by PORTAS in the U.S., the company said. Also offered will be interior doors and staircases.

The PORTAS system features fast installation coupled with the company's own line of European-designed products.

For kitchens, PORTAS said it has developed what the company calls a "custom-built kitchen refacing solution." The offering features a four-in-one front panel exchange system, which gives customers four different interchangeable d├ęcors for the price of one, the company said.

PORTAS personnel measure an existing kitchen and review design options with customers. The cabinet fronts are then assembled at the local PORTAS operation, using pre-fabricated materials and tools the company has designed to optimize workflow, according to company officials.

Just-in-time delivery of the materials, coupled with efficient processes, allow installations to be completed within a few days, without the licensee having to carry extensive inventory, the company added.

"PORTAS has systemized the entire process from marketing and sales to installation," said international sales manager Peter Simons.

"We have invested a great deal of time and energy into adapting our existing systems to the U.S. market. A licensee and a small team can literally be trained to sell and install high-quality PORTAS remodeling solutions in just a few weeks, with a relatively small investment."

Additional information can be obtained from the company's U.S. contact, Richard Healy, Jr., at (410) 295-3990.