SEN to Limit Membership To 300 Firms

SEN to Limit Membership To 300 Firms

Chapel Hill, NC The SEN Buying Group will cap its membership at 300 kitchen and bath firms, in an effort to maintain its "high level of quality service," the organization announced.

"Our annual growth has been averaging 35% over the last five years," said SEN president Kenneth Peterson, CKD. "When our Advisory Council considered our recommended goals and forecast for 2008, it became apparent that continued growth from within the group could exceed our staff's ability to effectively service the membership. The prudent decision was to limit our membership at the same time that we add benefits."

The buying group, based in Chapel Hill, NC, has 228 members in 39 states, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, according to Peterson. SEN grew by 45 members in 2002, Peterson said, adding that the group has some 70 Preferred Vendors in cabinetry, appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, accessories and business services.

Annual Minimum Member Purchase Goals have been established for each of the next six years, according to Peterson, who said that, as those goals are attained, SEN will introduce additional benefits. Among them will be:

  • Cash rebates for members to invest in new cabinet and appliance displays.
  • A director of education and a second business consultant to help members streamline operations and improve their bottom line.
  • A multi-day business management school.
  • More regional personnel training programs.
  • Regional marketing programs aimed at generating leads.