Tips Offered For Kitchen and Bath Professionals to Boost Creativity

Tips Offered For Kitchen and Bath Professionals to Boost Creativity

The kitchen and bath industry is fueled largely by the creativity of its designers, sales professionals and business owners. And, yet, creativity, many kitchen/bath professionals find, is often elusive at different times over the course of a career.

Want to boost your creativity? Several simple steps can help you become more creative in your designs, sales techniques, and business operations.

For example:

  • Always carry a small notebook and a pen or pencil around with you. Whenever you have an idea, jot it down. When the notebook is full, review what you've written and retain the best of the ideas. When you start this you may determine that the vast majority of what you've written down is worthless. Don't worry. What matters is the small percentage that's truly valuable. Focus on the ideas that are good, and try to put them into effect.
  • Stuck for an idea or a solution? First, write out the problem you're faced with in as much detail as you can. Often, large and seemingly insoluble problems turn out to be many little solvable problems linked together.
  • Still stuck? Here's a trick that sometimes works: open the dictionary at random and select a word any word. Study the meaning. Now, write out a solution to your problem while trying to work that word and its meaning into the solution. It sounds funny, but often it sparks ideas. Although we associate creativity with freedom, it actually consists of efficient operations within the parameters that we've hard-wired into ourselves through a lifetime of habit and training. Restrictions and obstacles get you thinking of ways around them.
  • Read as much as you can, about everything and anything you can find. Books exercise your brain. They can provide inspiration. They also give you information. The more you collect information, the easier it is to make creative connections between bits of information.
  • Exercise your brain. Go to an Internet chat room and argue about politics or films or religion. Don't get distracted by insults or "flames." Make a case and argue the details.
  • Don't overlook the power of music. If you listen to country music or rock and roll all day, switch to classical music. Classical music actually seems to enhance the brain's operation. For example, students who sing or play a musical instrument score an average of 51 points higher on the verbal portion and 39 points higher on the math portion of their SATs. One university found students who listened to 10 minutes of Mozart before taking SATs had higher scores than students who didn't. Major corporations like Shell, IBM, and DuPont, along with hundreds of schools and universities, have begun using classical music to cut learning time in half and increase the retention of newly learned material. They've noticed that creativity scores soar when people listen to Mozart.

Classical music can help you focus your attention. It can put you in a "creative" mood and this can enhance your creativity.

It will also calm you down and, if the experts are right, reduce stress by moderating your heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature.