ISSFA Approves Standards for Solid Surfacing

ISSFA Approves Standards for Solid Surfacing

Henderson, NV The International Solid Surface Fabricators Association (ISSFA) has approved a formal set of guidelines that classifies and sets standards for solid surfacing material, the trade association announced.

The Henderson, NV-based ISSFA said its board of directors unanimously approved the association's Solid Surface Standard (ISSFA-2-01).

The standard had been worked on for the past five years by ISSFA's Specification Committee, according to ISSFA Technical Director Lenny Elbon.

"Of the over 130 standards and accompanying comment forms mailed out, we received comments in reply from a total of 39 individuals representing organizations on five different continents," Elbon said, adding that comments were compiled and turned over to the specifications committee in their entirety. "In November of 2001, a series of meetings of the ISSFA Specifications Committee commenced that addressed every single comment received," Elbon added, noting that no changes were made without unanimous approval.

ISSFA called the standard "an important tool for architects and specifiers, builders, fabricators and consumers."

"It differentiates material into types and then sets engineering and/or performance requirements for those types," the association said, adding that ISSFA-2-01 Classification and Standards for Solid Surfacing Material includes eight unique and original tests. "The result is a series of standard tests that quantify and define solid surface in a way that directly relates to its end use," ISSFA said.

The association's Specification Committee was made up of representatives from major solid surface manufacturing companies, as well as large fabrication facilities. It included John Snow of Wilsonart International, Don Hinckley of NBC Solid Surfaces, Elbon, Mike Banks of DuPont Corian, Dr. Michael Elliott of Avonite, Jorge Alfonso of Formica Corp., Israel Ungar of Polymon, Jon Lancto of Solid Surface Products, Gus & Dottie Blume of Blume's Solid Surface Products, and Brad Reamer of Wilcor, Inc.