NKBA Elects Pair To 'Hall of Fame'

NKBA Elects Pair To 'Hall of Fame'

Chicago James Krengel, CKD, CBD, and the late Ronald Mace, FAIA, both of whom made "major contributions to the kitchen and bath industry over the length of their careers," have been inducted into the National Kitchen & Bath Association Hall of Fame.

The pair was inducted at last month's K/BIS by the Hacketts-town, NJ-based NKBA, which founded the Hall in 1989.
For many years the owner of a kitchen/bath dealership in St. Paul, MN, Krengel is the winner of numerous design awards and is well known throughout the industry for his speaking, consulting, writing and other activities. He helped form the Minnesota chapter of the NKBA, and was national president in 1989-1990.

Mace was an internationally recognized architect, educator and product designer who is best known for his concepts of accessibility and "universal design." He received many awards during his career, including a distinguished service award from President Bill Clinton in 1992.