Design Associations Exploring Merger

Design Associations Exploring Merger

Washington, DC The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) have entered into discussions about joining forces to become "the single voice of the interior design profession," the associations announced.

The conversations, according to the two trade organizations, have been "exploratory" in nature, and are aimed at determining "if one organization representing the interior design profession is best for both organizations' members and the profession as a whole."

"At the local level, many ASID and IIDA chapters have been working together for some time," said IIDA president Cary Johnson. "The profession would be better served (if it were) represented by one organization. The time is right for those discussions."

Both the Washington, DC-based ASID and the Chicago-based IIDA are charged with advancing and broadening the interior design profession, aiding in research, forwarding the right to practice, and providing similar member services, leaders from both trade associations pointed out.

"Those familiar with both organizations know that our goals and aspirations are very similar," said ASID president Barbara Nugent, adding that discussions to date "have been very constructive."

In the event of a formal decision to merge, the professional members from both ASID and IIDA would need to approve the alignment.