Venture Aimed at Promoting Virtues of Decorative Overlays

Venture Aimed at Promoting Virtues of Decorative Overlays

Hillsdale, NJ A new venture aimed at promoting the value of decoratives overlays in cabinet and furniture manufacturing has been launched by a pair of laminate industry proponents.

The venture is being launched by George Carter, executive director of the Hillsdale, NJ-based Laminating Materials Association (LMA), and Kenn Busch, former publisher of Laminating Design & Technology magazine, now known as Surfacing Solutions. The magazine is published by Kitchen & Bath Design News' parent company, Cygnus Business Media.

The effort is being called The Institute for the Kinetic Alliance of Surfaces and Substrates, or KAOSS, Carter and Busch said.
"Selling the value of laminates is more challenging than it should be in North America," KAOSS said in a statement. "Although these products are engineered to meet specific design and performance criteria, many designers and consumers still think of them as poor second cousins to 'real" materials. It's time for this to change."

"When laminate was first introduced decades ago, it was a prestige product, and people bragged about their new 'Formica' dining sets," observed Carter, who is also head of the research firm George Carter & Affiliates. "Our products have lost that cache over the years."

"Designers and consumers think of decorative overlays as a compromise choice," Busch added. "Even worse, our industry has perpetuated this perception by selling on the basis of price rather than establishing value. We need to 'rebrand' our products and our industry."

KAOSS said it will be involved in research and a series of ongoing initiatives "to effectively raise awareness of, and respect for,
decorative overlays" among