Showhouse Kitchen Created With Eye for Detail

Showhouse Kitchen Created With Eye for Detail

By John Filippelli

This kind of beauty, innovation and attention to detail were evident in a striking and stylish showhouse kitchen that took "Best of Show" in this year's Seattle Street of Dreams showcase. The showcase, which includes a month-long display of six spec houses, is built each year to highlight the finest in kitchen and bath design around the Pacific Northwest.

The winning kitchen designed by Toni Cordero, CKD, CBD of Portland, OR-based Canyon Creek, and Kelly Heaps of Fall City, WA-based Brookhaven Homes is considered the focal point of the 5,800-sq.-ft. home.

"We wanted to create a space that offered people the feeling of home," said Heaps, describing her vision for the project. For Heaps, the dark alder cabinetry and walnut flooring provide the precise feel she desired, with contemporary appliances adding a modern touch to the traditional-style space.

While no clients live in the space, it is notable that the public, including kitchen and bath professionals, are able to buy items from the space once the showcase concludes each year.

Cabinetry Details
The design team used a bevy of high-end products, including Canyon Creek cabinetry from the Cornerstone Collection, Viking professional-style appliances, honed-granite countertops and walnut Zanilla flooring from Bellevue, WA-based Interior Expressions, Inc. All of the items complement the traditional design theme, while maintaining the room's contemporary styling.

According to the design team, the Cornerstone collection was chosen because of its versatility and style, as well as its ability to be used in any area of the home. A mitered door styling was selected to capture the look of fine furniture, while Hampton doors in alder and stained in honey with a chocolate glaze were chosen to match the antique wood floor, adding warmth to the room. 

"The flooring really brings out the alder cabinetry," Heaps explains, "[especially] with its chocolate glaze and distressed look."

The door rails and styles were routed on the inside and outside edges, and a raised center panel was added to the detailing, the designer notes. Adding dramatic appeal to the space is the backsplash, which features tumbled marble, a soft complement to the appliances and cabinetry.

The two-tiered upper cabinets reach to the ceiling to provide space for china and crystal storage, while a base unit with drawers offers a suitable spot for tableware, place mats and napkins.

Appliance Blend
"The kitchen has a true, Old World feel to it, but the burgundy color of the appliances adds a modern touch to the space," Heaps explains. Though they are an instrumental part of the aesthetics of the design, the appliances add function as well. 
For starters, the double refrigerator/freezers with matching wood panels are combined with a bread warmer and microwave cabinet on one side and a double-oven cabinet on the other. These appliances are ideal for preparing a small meal or a banquet, the design team remarks.

Display shelves above the refrigerator/freezers provide space for plants or family photos, while cabinets above and below the ovens and microwave are available to store baking pans and baking dishes. A stove top unit also offers storage below to allow for easy preparation of food or cleanup, Heaps notes.

For added function, a dishwasher with a matching front panel is located on each side of the sink. A trash compactor next to the sink provides for convenient clean up after a large meal or family party. 

Space is certainly not an issue for this kitchen, Heaps notes. "There can be anywhere from 30 to 40 people in the kitchen at one time and everyone could still move around comfortably." With a length of 35 ft. from one end of the room through the breakfast nook, the kitchen layout was designed to provide a number of usage options. 

For instance, the kitchen forms a modified "L" with a raised bar area, ideal for a leisurely breakfast. The series of lower cabinets offers all of the choices a gourmet chef would need, including a pull-out chopping board for easy preparation of vegetables and fruit. Other amenities include a fireplace with a specially made spit for roasting, and a pizza oven for fun family gatherings.

Even with the significant amount of space, the design team insisted on incorporating additional elements to support more storage. The large island, for example, offers an ample prep area and storage space, combined with the aesthetics of fine furniture, the design team notes. Full-extension roll-out shelves and drawers make access to pots and pans easier from both sides of the island.

Completing the design are finished end treatments with fluted columns topped with leaf appliqués, as well as brass accents and furniture-style baseboards. Grape appliqués are also featured on the crown moulding.