Market Solid In Face Of Uncertainties

Market Solid In Face Of Uncertainties

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Baths Post Gains in New Homes, NAHB SAYS

Washington, DC The number of bathrooms in new single-family homes continues to rise apparently as a reflection of a broader long-term trend toward larger and more luxurious new residential construction, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

Citing the latest statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Washington, DC NAHB said that a larger-than-ever share of new homes now contain more bathrooms, as well as more total living space.

"The number of bathrooms in new homes is often a good indicator of the luxuriousness of new homes," observed NAHB economist Dean Crist.

According to the NAHB, 54% of the new homes built in the year 2000 had 2.5 baths or more, up from 52% and 53% in the previous two years. By comparison, 20 years ago, only one-quarter of the new homes completed had 2.5 or more bathrooms, the association noted.

The number of new homes with three or more bathrooms has also risen in recent years, increasing from 16% in 1996 to 19% in 1999 and 20% in 2000, the NAHB said.

The largest incidence of new homes with 2.5 or more baths was in the Northeast, at 67%, the NAHB reported. In both the Midwest and West, approximatelyt 56% to 57% of new homes had 2.5 or more baths, compared to 49% in the South, the trade association added.