Use Sound Bites to Sell Effectively

Use Sound Bites to Sell Effectively 

Few people realize it, but, communication, like kitchen and bath design, is an art form. Choosing the right combination of words to make a point can be the key to the success or failureof a potential sale.

Speaker and communications expert Karla Brandau explained this idea when she presented her seminar, "Sell More with Sound Bites" at the recent K/BIS in Orlando. 

Noting the premium customers put on their own time, she offered ideas for dealers to communicate with kitchen and bath customers in as few words as possible.

Brandau notes, "thirty seconds is the key. That's all the time you need to get your point across."

With two-career couples juggling more tasks than ever plus a growing "baby boomer" population, Brandau feels that developing "sound bite" communication skills can help gain customers' interest. 

Working on sound bite skills helps kitchen/bath dealers improve their communication skills by: 

  • Focusing their thinking and speaking
  • Keeping conversations on track
  • Being more logical and concise
  • Facilitating listening
  • Increasing customer confidence
  • Insuring prime results for time spent

To hone communication skills, Brandau suggests kitchen and bath dealers consider the following:

  • Know your objective the goal, purpose or target. "You must decide what you want to achieve with the conversation," she notes.
  • Form an approach. "It's a thought or sentence that will lead you to your objective," she explains.
  • Choose a hook to get attention. A hook can be a statement or question, and it should be creative. But, she warns, "be sure that it is consistent with an approach for one aspect of your sales information." 
  • Combine the objective, hook and approach. They should complement each other, and present a complete picture, Brandau says.
  • Ask a closing question. "After you've hooked them and delivered your information, the closing question [is] key," Brandau states.

"As you work with sound bites, you will use them in every part of your sales conversations from gaining information about customer needs to getting them to sign the contract," she concludes.