Bath Enclosure Design Winners Named by BEMA

Bath Enclosure Design Winners Named by BEMA

Topeka, KS A pair of shower doors that includes custom-cut glass panels aimed at providing safety benefits while improving room aesthetics took the top prizes in the 2000 Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association (BEMA) Design Awards.

The awards were announced by the Topeka, KS-based BEMA at the association's recent annual meeting in Miami Beach. Shower Doors Unlimited, Inc., of Lake Worth, FL, and Mr. Shower Doors, Inc., of Norwalk, CT, received this year's honors, designing winning entries in the less than $1,500 and more than $1,500 categories, respectively.
Shower Doors Unlimited installed a frameless panel and door unit into a bathtub platform, using pivot hinges to eliminate the gap between the glass panels and the wall; the panels were specially cut to match the bathroom's mouldings.

Mr. Shower Door combined the benefits of a contemporary frameless unit to the traditional framed look by incorporating nickel-plated brass wall rails into the design, creating a hybrid effect. The unit also featured an operable vent above the door, which increases airflow to the shower unit.

"Our winners' designs reflect the evolution of the bath enclosure industry," said BEMA president Spike Chandler.

"Using clear tempered glass units, both winners are not only functional, but add light and open up the room. "