KCMA Cabinet Standard Wins ANSI Approval

KCMA Cabinet Standard Wins ANSI Approval

Reston, VA The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the independent agency that tests and certifies a wide range of consumer products, has approved an updated performance and construction standard for kitchen and vanity cabinets.

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufac-turers Association last month announced ANSI's approval of ANS/KCMA A161.1-2000, the sixth revision of the construction standard for cabinets since the guideline's inception in 1965.

The ANSI approval concludes an 18-month process initiated by the Reston, VA-based KCMA under an ANSI mandate to update product standards to reflect improvements in materials and construction, the KCMA said. The process included review by consumer and supplier organizations, builders, remodelers, architects, the U.S. government and other related groups, the trade association added.

The new ANSI standard includes more than 30 test procedures measuring more than 60 specific performance requirements that simulate many years of typical cabinet use. Major updates to the standard include the following:

  • Clarification that wall cabinets must be fully enclosed to assure stability and protect stored items from pests and insects.
  • A clarification of the 500-lb. static load test for wall cabinets.
  • A strengthening of the definition for joint failure.
  • Updated finishing and humidity tolerance tests.

Ninety cabinet manufacturers participate in the ANSI testing program, said the KCMA, adding that copies of the updated standard are available by contacting the association at 1899 Preston White Drive, Reston, VA 20191.