SD Company To Open New Facility

SD Company To Open New Facility

Harrisburg, SD Showplace Wood Products, a manufacturer of kitchen and bath cabinetry, has announced a plan to expand its operations by relocating into a new 20,000-sq.-ft. plant in Beresford, SD by the end of this year.

The move is attributable to the company's need to meet increased demand for its products and add capacity to its finish department since it has been using the area for raw materials storage, according to v.p./director of manufacturing Paul Sova.

"By moving some light assembly operations to Beresford, we can reallocate our existing floor space," noted Sova.

The move will also free up room for more paint lines and a drying oven at its Harrisburg location, which will double capacity and improve the finish, the company also stated.

Company president and CEO Tony Bour explained that the company still intends to improve its current plant here.

"We still plan to expand other areas of our plant in Harrisburg. However, the Beresford facility became available and can be occupied by us very quickly," he noted.

Scott Korsten, director of marketing services for Showplace Wood Products, added that the company will continue to cut sheet components, sand and finish as well as continue final cabinet assembly in the Harrisburg plant.

"We had plans to expand in the future, but are pleased to have [the ability] to do so now," Korsten noted.

The company estimated that some 10,000 sq. ft. will be gained in the Harrisburg plant by the move.